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10 Day Old Problem?


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I am growing this dinafem roadrunner from seed. It is 12 days old now and I just repotted(I know I should have started in ending container). I had in a party cup for 10 days. Could this be over watering. I tend to want to water everyday when they are little. I am using happy frog soil which I used on my 2 last plants. I sprayed with super foliage spray a couple times and that is it. This never happened on my Purple jems. Any ideas?




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I had just watered it. I suspect it will clear up but wanted some opinion since I have not added any nutrients. Do you think I should start small amounts of nutes? I will be using EarthJuice.

I use ocean forest soil which has a 3 week shot of nutrients already in it so i never use veg nutes no need to happy frogs the same way any additives will likely burn these youngins up. :blink:


Stick with water for now :thumbsu:

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