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Hello, New Up Member Getting Certified Next Week!

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I moved back up the UP last August after quitting a high stress corporate job. I chose Marquette so I could attend NMU and finish a degree I started on 10 years ago! Photography is a big hobby of mine and as anyone who has been here knows, this is a very picturesque area. I have to tell you it is quite odd being so much older than many of the other students, last semester I was even older than one of my teachers!


I am going to get registered next week. I was diagnosed with painful arthritic gout in Dec/2008, and GERD with a Hiatal Hernia back in Jan/2009. I clearly have to deal with pain and nausea on regular basis. I have a large network of friends back downstate in the Metro Detroit area, but know next to no one up here. Rather than being in the wrong and putting myself at risk with strangers I have decided that it is time for me to practice my medical rights and become legit.


I seek to become a part of this community and eventually get advice on the steps I'll need to take after my certification is complete.



Thanks for your time and hope you all have a happy and healthy day!

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We are also in the UP, albeit the far eastern end, near Detour/Drummond Island area, just want to say "Welcome Aboard", there is so much info and rescources available on this site!! I do not post much, but immensely enjoy the forums and the news updates. We have had some trials and tribulations, of late, with leo, and this site certainly helped keep our chins up and informed.But now since we have gotten through our problems, I will most likely post more often. Say ya to da UP, eh?

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