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For The Sake Of Sarcasm And Levity

Guest d00g

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My intention was not to offend but to lend a visual for views shared on this board referencing Oakland Press. I wish not to incite a boycott of Oakland businesses considering their economic struggles but rather bring attention to the publication which has been found offensive by many in the local MM community.


Image deleted.

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Yep, I laughed, but I am sure some may be offended. That was quite a project, it seems. Thanks for the effort to express your views in a humorous vein. Your concerns to lighten the mood and cut the tension are well appreciated for sure! Of course, I agree with your sentiment but some won't. Thank you d00g.

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Guest knucklehead bob

Whaddaya mean Image deleted ?!?!?!..................If there was any "Truth In Advertising" , that was a perfect example of what that propaganda rag SHOULD look like !

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Am I missing something here?


What image was deleted? I need some comedy!


Any "making fun of The Oakland Nazi & Gestapo Gazette" I am all for. :thumbsu:



Mizerman :sword:


Naw, didn't miss anything. I have friends who have businesses in Oakland Co. who said the parody could be mistaken as an actual call for a boycott- which it is NOT. I didn't have time to respond as I wanted so I deleted the image so it wouldn't be an issue. I feel for the Oakland tax payers who will ultimately suffer the consequence of Oakland County politics and impending law suits so local businesses are not subject of the image. With that said those who advertise in the Oakland RePressed should consider where they promote their business unless they want to be looked at as one of the hands feeding the biased beast.


What inspired Oakland RePressed was the article about the addiction addict in Holland. Wow, Oakland RePressed had to go all the way to west MI to get their story... geez, if they wanted an addiction story all they had to do is interview their staff; you know, the guy with the shakes who missed his Viagra fix, the babe with a Twinkie and scotch habit, the caffeinated nicotine freak surfing "barn yard games with pork and poultry".....take your pick, addictions abound... especially in the press room. But no, they had to wrap their story in a pot leaf and continue the demonization of marijuana- that of which, more than likely, some of the staff actually indulge in....come on closet tokers, fess up!


What about giving an unbiased approach to the more relative stories about those in hospice, the VA or others who have loved one's suffering illnesses pharmaceuticals can't address; those who gain a quality of health from the herb. What about a comparative story on addictions and detriments of alcohol, tobacco and LE run amuck...?


What about a story on the billions of dollars the U.S. is missing out on by allowing China, Canada and Europe to dominate the hemp industry- by allowing the DEA to control industrial cannabis; how the economy and environment suffers and how the U.S.- the largest consumer of hemp products, gets short changed....


What about a story on the DEA's own admittance that "Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known? In strict medical terms, marijuana is safer than many foods we commonly consume." -Source: US Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, "In the Matter of Marijuana Rescheduling Petition," [Docket #86-22], (September 6, 1988), p. 57



What about real news, about lives destroyed at the hands of LE who steals money and private info.... or interviews with the growing numbers of LE, lawyers and judges who condemn the bogus nature of prohibition and its henchmen.


What stands out most to me is OP's front page- their most valuable digital real estate. Front pages are typically designed to reflect their community and represent the general content of the publication while providing their preferred advertisers space for their ads. One of OP’s most dominating revenue spaces is dedicated to their ode to "Cops and Courts"... it clearly reflects Oakland RePressed's content and to whom they are trying to appeal and cater to..... How much does Oakland Co. LE pay for the "Cops and Courts" ad…? Or does OP think they’re providing the community a (dis)service? Are tax payers flipping the bill, again...?


Okay, my crappy attitude showed its ugly face. After reading Oakland's RePressed news I got a case of the "Us and Them's" and had to vent. My poor graphics were not intended to suggest a boycott thus I pulled the image until I could explain the inspiration for the parody. I understand the power of "suggestion", something The Oakland RePressed uses and abuses.


Bottom line, opposition mouth pieces like The Oakland RePressed is doing more harm than good, across the board.


Here's the image. It was roughed together pretty quick, much of the material was already in place. It is a parody. The only boycott being suggested is of The Oakland RePressed.




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