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Brain Cells?

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My wife had a terrible upset stomach which is a chronic thing for her. I suggested to her trying the cannabis to help. She said I want all my brain cells thats all I need right now is my mind to be worse(she is going thru menopause LOL and so am I) I have read somewere that this may not be the case about cannabis killing brain cells that it may actually help to protect them. Is this true and does anyone know were I can read more about this? Thanks for any help I am trying to help my wife understand my use of cannabis.

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Talk to your wife about death rates of cannabis users versus vicodin users.

Show her these links:



The body (including the brain), starts it's inevitable journey to death from the day we are conceived.

Nobody has ever been proven to have died from cannabis.

As far as brain damage goes, look what we're giving to children:


In the end, you can't change her mind. That's her job.


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