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Hello Friends

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hey guys. just figured i would say hello. currently still just south of the border from MI - but preparing to move to lambertville area next year. (going to be buying a house, so i still gotta do some shopping)


Been in the profession for 5 years now. black market obviously. tired of that scene. and ive been approached by people i know in MI about becoming a cg for them. and ive thought about moving for years anyways, so i figured why not give michigan a try. Hope to get to know everyone here. well at least as many as feasible since there are a ton of members. but ya - im glad to be here.


anyone ever need advice on anything MM related - please dont hesitate to ask!

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that you all for the warm welcome. anyone have any suggestions as to where in the forums i should stick my nose into and start posting/get active? theres so much here!



If all possible ,


Please try to attend several local Compassion Clubs...


There a Great place to meet new friends ...


as far as the Forum ...


Post anywhere you feel comfortable ...


Our Medicating Room is Always Open :bong2:

Pull up a Chair and Happy Reading ....


Looking Forward to reading your Post ....

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