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Looking For New Vendors (Experienced)

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Hello everyone.


In our pursuit to help Rebuild Michigan One patient at a time we are looking for new and unique products to help ease patients pains. We currently have the following already accounted for: medicated lozengers, Brownies, Topical Oil.


We are looking for people that can use our material and make new things with it...Tinctures, Lotions, cremes, Granola bars that actually work etc. What we typically do is drop off the material then let you do your end and split it 50/50. Then pick it up. So we both benefit. However if you offer Wholesale prices, I mean TRUE wholesale we MAY entertain that option. But we prefer to use our own material so we know it does not contain harmful Molds, Mildew, Mite POOP...yes it's true. If you have ever smoked Mexican BRICK then you have surely smoked MITE poo...lol. And if you use synthetic fertilizers we simply cannot go down that road as we only endorse organic methods to procure meds.


So if you are a patient with valid plastic card and have references and industry experience then let's talk. We prefer you to have experience either growing prior to the law being passed. Our goal is not to see if you were growing illegally back in the day but if you were in this prior to the law it usually means you were truly did not just hop in this industry for $$$$ signs, well in most cases. Some did it back then for the money. But most did it to grow their own medicine to not be forced to deal with Shady DRUG DEALERS who are so often syndicated to illegal gangs/violent activities. We will only travel to Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties. If your in Oakland have your card, D License and proof of check being cashed to your bank and white out the routing and transit numbers. We are not playing any games with how Oakland County Narc units are violating the law by entrapping patients.


Go to our website below by our signature or email us at info@motownmedicalmarijuana.com or call us at 248-579-3292.





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