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Commission eyes law to stop businesses like Equipment Assets


ROYAL OAK – The wheels of government are moving southeast Monday when the City Commission will conduct the peoples’ business at the Salter Community Center, 1545 E. Lincoln Ave.


Elected officials set a goal to meet outside of City Hall a couple times this year to encourage more people to get involved.


“They want to do something in the north end and the south end,” City Manager Donald Johnson said. “This one is for the south end.”


Monday’s agenda has 14 items with the 13th of interest to south end residents who put up with air pollution from the outdoor torching of scrap metal at the former Equipment Assets, 1200 Knowles. Commissioners will consider an ordinance that prevents businesses from changing hands without notifying the city about the new intended use of the location and showing they meet all codes.


“This ordinance could have prevented the situation at 1200 Knowles by requiring the tenant to obtain approval for their operation prior to starting,” Johnson says in a letter to the commission.


The off-site meeting will make it convenient for residents who might not want to find and pay for a downtown parking spot by City Hall, city officials said. They also hope to get more property owners following other decisions coming in 2011, such as how to handle budget shortfalls, what to do about the pending layoff of police officers, and whether to go for a public safety millage.


“We want to see if we can get people to participate in local government more,” City Commissioner Chuck Semchena said.


The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. with a tame agenda compared to the last time the commission gathered to vote medical marijuana restrictions, liquor licenses and Christmas Day liquor sales. The previous meeting on Jan. 24 lasted almost six hours, ending at 1:15 a.m. the next day.


Monday’s agenda has the proposed ordinance, rental agreements for Lindell Ice Arena and the concession kitchen at the Royal Oak Famers Market, and a final report for revenue the city took in from Arts, Beats & Eats, which came in higher than expected at $91,978.40.


Unlike most commission meetings, the one on Monday won’t be cablecast live.


“There is no feed to send a signal from the cameras to the cable companies when we’re away from City Hall,” Johnson said.


Replays are scheduled for 7 p.m. Feb. 11-14 on WROK.


The Salter Center is at the corner of Lincoln and Wilson, which is one block west of Campbell Road.





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