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Facebook / Twitter Post "action Failed"

Guest OxXGarfieldXxO

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Guest OxXGarfieldXxO
I was just about to post a nagging problem with sharing posts via Twitter. I always got the popup box that says "Action failed". Facebook sharing worked fine.


Just before I posted this message I thought, maybe I should reconnect my Twitter account. And that actually fixed it, so I'm posting the steps to solve it for others:


- Edit your profile

- go to "Manage Twitter Connect"

- revoke access from your forum's Twitter App here: http://twitter.com/account/connections

- once you did that, click the "Disassociate Account Now" button, it will log you off

- log back in and go to your profile, then Manage Twitter Connect

- click the "Connect with Twitter" button and allow access


After I did this, I could finally share posts via Twitter.


For those of you having problems I apologize for the time it's taken me to address this. The above also seems to work for "facebook". Though I didn't spend a lot of time figuring out why it acted the way it did, I do know the above fixes both Twitter and FB. Most likely it is a cookie that expires after so long and you'll need to:


go to your profile> Manage Facebook Connect link on left menu> Press the "Disaccociate account now" button> reload the page> choose to "associate" again and all will be well in your world.....


Or should be...



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