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Michigan Ag: Medical Marijuana Law Being Exploited


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I think that the poll that Peanutbutter had commissioned really tells a huge story. We were worried that we had lost the support of the common man, the poll shows that this isn't fact, just our own perception and projection. We need to remain positive in our message to the public. We need to show the public that we are responsible, law abiding people who simply have chosen an alternative to pharmecuetical suicide. We need to calmly approach this and attack them where it hurts them the most.


I believe that there will soon be a concentrated effort by our AG and his co-horts (read Mr. Jones) to villify our position. They will do so by pointing to those of us who have, under the guise of medical marijuana use, abused the law. There are those amoung us who could care less about the future of medical marijuana, seeking only the instant gratification of increased monetary gains. These are the ones who are bringing in large shipments of cannabis from other states, or utilizing MM recommendation mills to increase their patient base. This happens nearly everyday in Michigan, and the stories of these folks will be the basis for the anti's attacks. Fortunately, a lot of the public sees these attacks for what they are, small minded folks attempting to muddy the waters with their biased, lie based factoids.


So, let's try to keep a positive spin going, let's not give the anti's any more ammunition. We can do this by not utilizing providers who are known to be bringing cannabis into the state from outside. When you encounter someone who is abusing this system, let them know that we don't appreciate their efforts to undercut our rights with illegal or irresponsible actions.



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