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Need Some Help With Information

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hello there all...hope you are enjoying the few warm days we are having...i have a question....i WHILE ago someone posted a list of things to say to a cop if they pull u over...they said to print it out..and keep it in your car...i THOUGHT i DID this..and well apparently i did not....if anyone knows of this "list" can you please let me know? thank you sooo very much


ok the second thing was ..again a WHILE ago someone posted links to a 2 part vide. hte first part was a lawyer telling you why you NEVER talk to a cop...i believe it was for a small group of law students....

the second part was a COP up there telling you that everything the lawyer just saud was correct ...then he put his spin on thing....

VERY IMFORMATIVE!!,,,if ANYONE knows where this link is...i really would love to have it...and keep it..and share it with others that need to nkow these things...thank you all so very much for your time

have a beautiful dam


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OOOOHHH THANK YOU ALL SOOO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TOTALLY FAST RESPONSES!!!... thank you all so much...i can always count on this group!!

have a wonderful day all!!



Hey take your porn somewhere its wanted it ain't wanted here! Freaking trolls are in season and i will do my best to take you down.


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Admins dump this piece of bunny muffin!!!

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