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Any drug felony convictions and you cant ever be a care giver in Michigan.


You can be a convicted killer, bank robber or whatever and be a caregiver kinda b.s if you ask me!


I like Colorado; after 10 years following a felony conviction one can be a caregiver

yeah i think that is BS aswell ... thanks for the fast reply
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It would cost a person a mere (?) $1000 or so to get any old conviction set aside provided that that person has stayed out of trouble for approx. 10 years. It only takes a good lawyer and a clean record. ...j.b.



Man ive got two felonies, not one conviction in 15 years, thankfully no drug felonies. But with that said.....i know a guy who can help me and sice a grand is such a paltry sum to you.....can i get a couple of em.

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what sucks for me is because of my belief about marijuna ive picked up more then 1 felon over marijuana in the past 12 years and now im a patient i cant get them off ....but i can say that over all this time im so happy i stayed doing what i did helping people get there meds it all work out in the end :D

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Talked to a lawyer a cpl years ago. He wouldnt even take my money. Said if I so much as plead guilty to a traffic offence that it would be impossible for him to expunge my record. And because I got two felony convictions when I got in trouble I have to deal with losing all of my rights. Even though it has been 18 years since then and no trouble. At least it wasnt a drug felony.




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Guest Mr_smith

At one point there was legislature pending to make it impossible for ANY felon, regaurdless of crime, to be denied caregiver rights. That has been shot down for the moment as I understand.


Some people take plea deals that admit to a felony just beacause the risk of prison if a jury goes wrong is so grave. I for one will admit that I pleaded guilty to a felony which I did not commit. Recently.. lol


I beat a drunk driver up that was close to driving his vehicle through my 2 year old daughters room. His mom was a cop and before I know it, there was some big story about how I beat him with a 2x4..


My sentencing guidlines meant that if a jury convicted me, I would face 17 months in prison. The judge I had made it clear he would not go lower than the 17 month guidline.


Instead of prove my innocence at trial, I took a plea for a few years non-reporting. Keep in mind that I had called the cops on this guy and made a report..


Basically I had about a 95% chance of being found innocent by a jury. I decided that the 5% risk of not being there for my child for 17+ months was not worth it. So I copped a plea and got a sweet deal. However, I am still a felon for at least the next 5 years.


Thats the story (and truth) that I will tell lawmakers if they ever try to put that BS stipulation on our law.


I believe in true innocence and the fact that being a "felon" is hurting honest folk everywhere.


My $0.02

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