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Qualifying Conditions Panel

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Two years and no panel has been formed to look into adding new qualifying condititions.


Michigan residents who may find relief in cammnabis for their illness are being denied the right to access said medication and forced to suffer because the state has failed to follow its own rules and establish a review panel.


Some of the rules Michigan is breaking, there are a whole lot more!



Rule 333.131 Review panel for reviewing petitions for additional medical conditions or treatments.


Another glaring failure by MDCH/MMMP here our law is two years in the books and they are violating their own rules by not having this panel already in place.


Rule 31. (1) The department shall appoint a panel of not more than 15 members to review petitions to add medical conditions or treatments to the list of debilitating medical conditions under R 333.101.


And this panel must include some from our ranks to voice objections as why a condition is being denied if proof is available that shows MM could give this person relief from their malady.


Rule 33. (1) The department shall accept a written petition from any person requesting that a particular medical condition or treatment be included in the list of debilitating medical conditions under R 333.101.


Who do we mail them to Santa Clause?


(b) Give notice of a public hearing not less than 10 days before the date of the hearing.


What does the general public have to say about a medical condition being added to the qualifying standards


© Hold a public hearing within the 60-day time period that the recommendation from the panel is posted on the department's website.


By their accounting 60 days is 5 months so this a no go


(5) Within 180 days of the date the petition is filed with the department the department director shall make a final determination on the petition.


No the condition needs to be added the day its Ok'd to the list of qualifying conditions. How long must a human being be forced to suffer.


This is some thing the community needs to get involved with the panel needs to be established as soon as possible we have people suffering who do get relief from cannabis but because the condition is not listed they cannot get certified for the MMMP.




We are ALL in this together

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There is a form for adding new conditions, I don't remember where I saw it, someone posted it in the forums, I may have it backed up somewhere. Do a search, see if it comes up. LOL about Santa Clause, he and his elves could do a better job getting our cards out on time! LOL LOL LOL!!!



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