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Rookie Trevor Bayne Wins Daytona 500

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Congratulations Trevor Bayne on winning 'The Great American Race - The Daytona 500'

Seventh racer to win it on their B-Day or week-end of.


Great race, NASCAR has been reborn its all about speed and driver ability more than ever!


3MA road trip next February anyone?




We are ALL drivers steering towards our victory

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I have to say it was more exciting than a Daytona race has been in years. It is so great to see a young guy do so well and a team from the old days make such a good come back. If they bring this to Michigan I may have to start going to the races again.


I'm game for a trip to MIS! Get enough of the community together make a week-end out of it and could take along teaching materials, patient applications, the truth about cannabis.


Good way to network with blue collar people who may be out of work and maybe have a skill we could utilize for our patients and or caregivers.


Cannabis works for Michigan and Michigan can work with cannabis




Group ticket prices are available




And camping is close, even in the infield






we are ALL Ricky Bobby at heart

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