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I Need A 420 Friendly Dentist

H S Thompson

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Lol, I know my dentist smokes, but he is a life time family friend..


I don't think that any dentist would do that though.. would imagine they would need a form of payment for liability reasons..


unless hes working on you off the books in his kitchen, Lol..


let me know how that works out for you, for I have no insurance either!!



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Just come on over, I got some antique dental tools,and a new makita drill,plus i have some of the old filling material, or I will yank that baby out! 1 zip an hr,so 15 mins mean 1/4, and If I realy enjoy myself, I will do it for free! lol







edit= sorry I realy feel for ya, I know how bad tooth aches are! or were I pulled all mine and made some wooden choppers like george washington!

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LOL phaq!


I know someone who uses cloves for tooth and gum problems. There's other natural remedies that'll help with swelling and are very effective, will help clean out whatever made it happen. Some are very strong, have to be extremely careful with them. Many years ago they were used, maybe about 50 years ago, perhaps. I don't know for sure. I can't say words like "cure" for natural remedies. I don't wanna get started on that in here, and I don't know if it would make the swelling go away completely anyway, it'd depend on how bad it is but I couldn't say for sure.. I'm not an expert on it, all I know is what friends use. Whatever happens, it could keep it from getting worse.


I wish I knew doctors and dentists who are MM friendly, too. It's not something many would advertise, they might be compassionate about it, but don't wanna risk being listed that way. It sure would be nice though. I can see it now, "Hey doc, would you work on a patient who uses MM?" Doc says, "Sativa or Indica?" Actually, finding MM that helps with pain is a good idea. If you smoke it, fix your breath. Doesn't ingesting it last longer? Especially for pain, right?


Good luck, H S.



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Dental school in/around Ann Arbor that does work for 10-25% of normal rates. Maybe get some clove oil to drip on the area in the mean time. Whole cloves stuffed next to an inflamed tooth has helped me as well.



I've been to the dental school in the past, and been very happy with the work performed. However, this week the dental students are all on spring break.


OMG....my face is on fire...!!!!

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Our Public Clinic up here will pull teeth for $25 ...

But thats up here in Northern Michigan ...


Plus it's for Low Income Patients ....


You did'nt mention Area your in ?


Most Dentist will pull a tooth for $100 ....


Most Doctors will write a scipt for antibiotics for Emergency's ...


Just some ideals .... Just thinking ?


I feel for you , there is'nt anything hardly worse then

a bad tooth pain ...


Hope you get Better Soon ... :bighug:

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I really appriciate the empathy from everyone.

Yesterday I went to the dental school, but they can't work on tooth until the infection is gone.

They gave me a script for Vicodin, for the pain, and it works very well.

Also, Amoxicillin for the infection.


Can't afford to lose the tooth, I don't have that many left.


So they're gonna have to do a root canal.


At least they allow for a payment plan.


I still think if there are any dentists on this site they should let it be known.


Thanks all......



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