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P2P Transfer Laws In Lowell


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You are able to donate to whomever you wish. Unfortunately donations are a legal technicality that have become pretty ridiculous. Technically you cannot ever "Buy Weed" semicaregiver was being a little redundant, but we don't like to troll on this forum so he got a pass. You don't buy weed from caregivers you donate to your caregiver. Every caregiver has a different system for how they get payed, although getting "payed" it a little ambiguous in this case, because it takes money, time, and effort to grow. The polite thing to do prior to any P2P transfer or before signing to any caregiver is ask how much do people normally donate. Without donations caregiving and patient to patient transfers would hardly be worth the effort.

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Patient 2 Patient "transfers" are legal. Patient 2 Patient "sales" are not legal. i.e. no compensation=transfer


I do not believe this will be followed by all arresting officers . Non remunerated exchanges were added into Michigan Compiled Law as a offense at the same time zero tolerance legislation was enacted . If I understand correct within limits at least it is not a felony . Maybe someone can clarify further . I do believe the act allows for PTP if anyone in enforcement would ever interpret it correctly to protect patients and create a legal system separate from Federal Law considerations as supported by the Justice Department memo that said the Federal enforcement would at their discretion be hands off toward patients complying with State medical cannabis laws . Expect prosecutors to claim " donations " are remuneration and this escalates a offense into Felony territory . This is what one can expect to face . Let us hope negotiations end favorable , sadly tofficials who do not want to loose power , fines and forfeiture are not happy with what they see as disorder , a challenge to authority and chaos . Maybe negotiations will allow for exchanges to occur in a farmers market setting , storefront only and offsite of these between registered caregiver associations only . I don't know but it would be a compromise and allow LEO to enforce his recreational offenses with more order .Because now " he don't like it anymore then " we do .


At least unti the 6% of the population that are constantly recreational users in spite of overly severe penalties that get more desperate overtime and their families hurt by prohibition start to ask why ? Why support the black market with prohibition ?




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