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Sick Girls


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post-22492-0-94578100-1298477677_thumb.jpgI am new to this forum and to growing. This is my second set of girls that I am vegging. I have had these 2 girls vegging for about 5 weeks and got them in 4" pots 5 weeks ago and re-potted a week ago. The medium is soil based and organic (Dr. Earth) I am using 1/2 strength chem that is moonshine park farm. I have used this chem with my first round of girls and it has done very well so far. My soil tester is a digital probe and it says that my ph is 7. I am using well water that sets in plastic containers for several days prior to use. The girls are under a TK8 and are about 5-6" away from the light. I have done a lot of reading but an not sure what the problem is and don't want to get it wrong. My humidity is around 50-55% and my heat is around 72-75 degrees. Any help would be gratefully accepted. Pix are included.post-22492-0-47576200-1298477676_thumb.jpg Edited by gunlakegranny
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