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New Legislation In Minnesota Aims To Grow Mm, Here's The Catch....


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A bill introduced in the Minnesota Legislature on Thursday would make it legal for farmers to grow medical marijuana and sell it to dispensaries in states where marijuana can be legally used for medicinal purposes. The Medical Marijuana Production and Export Act would direct the state government to develop a strict licensing plan for the potential grower and cites a positive economic benefit for the state’s agricultural sector.


Currently, sixteen states have legalized medical marijuana including Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington.


The bill (HF662) would allow Minnesota farmers to grow and export medical marijuana to those states. From the bill:


The legislature finds that the production and export of medical marijuana can contribute to the state’s economy and agricultural vitality and can be regulated so as not to interfere with the strict regulation of controlled substances in this state. The purpose of the Medical Marijuana Production and Export Act is to strengthen the state economy and its agricultural sectors by authorizing the development of a regulated medical marijuana production and export industry while maintaining strict control of marijuana.




(1) the person will produce, process, and possess marijuana only for export and in full compliance with this chapter and any corresponding rules promulgated by the commissioner; and (2) any consumption or unauthorized possession of marijuana will be prosecuted to the fullest extent provided by law.


The bill’s authors are DFL Reps. Phyllis Kahn of Minneapolis, Tom Rukavina of Virginia, Frank Hornstein of Minneapolis, Tom Huntley of Duluth, Karen Clark of Minneapolis, Jeff Hayden of Minneapollis, and Leon Lillie of North St. Paul.

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This would formalize and legalize in one state (minnesota) what other state's residents are already doing. If 16 states can break Federal law and allow medical use, why not break Federal law for the good of your states' farmers? I envision this bill as the 2nd hole in the dike, this one totally driven by greed, not by any pretense at compassion. In Middle Eastern countries the people are rising against their dictators; in the US we are rising up against the inanity of Federal law. In the MIddle East the people demand the release of political prisoners; in the US the release of the marijuana Drug War prisoners.

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