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Questions On My Air Intake And Exhaust Plans!


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First let me thank all those who help every day to educate us here on this fourm. I have spent the last 6 months reading everything I can get my hands on from fourm groups to books and articles online. I’m now on the verge of information overload and now its time to ask questions specific to my build.


Included in this is a crude rendering of my room located in my garage for visual purposes and I want to ask for feedback on my idea to ensure I’m on the right path.


Because I can’t currently afford a Co2 system I will have to do an open air system as apposed to a completely sealed room.


My plan;

Install an air conditioner at point “A” through the wall with the hot exhaust going into the garage. Use the A/C to cool the space shaded in yellow.


All of my ballasts (4 total) will be located on shelves at point “B” to keep the heat out and away from the plants.


At points “C” & “D” I will install fans to pull cool air into each grow room. Inside each grow room will be an exhaust fan with carbon filter controlled to come on only when temp and humidity gets too high.


Each room will have two 1000w lights sealed with its own intake and exhaust.


My hope is that the A/C unit will cool the middle room and then each grow room can pull air from there.


Does this sound right?

Do I need the exhaust/scrubber running more often in order to refresh the air?

Will this help to get cool air into each room with out getting an A/C unit for each?

Will this be enough to supply good fresh air to each room?

Any suggestions on fan sizes?

Should I pull air into each room from outside instead of the room with the A/C?


This build is work in progress just like most others and I am a NooB so I needed to ask for myself despite all the wonderful information that is available via a search. I question myself and the plan I have put into my head. So I’m looking for any and all feedback or suggestions on the best way to supply air to my rooms.




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First off if you have fresh air at your disposal i doubt you will need the AC second thing is with a flower room that size i would take that second 1 k light and run daisy chained hoods in flower and go with fluoros in your vegetative room.


Fresh air - hood - ducting - hood - inline fan 442 cfm or higher - straight out of the grow area


Then get another inline fan + filter to exchange the air in your flower area + a couple wall fans for both chambers.

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Here is what I would do with that space:


I would make the flower room bigger than the veg room.


I would use Ceramic Metal Halide in your veg room. Also, check out some threads on vertical.

I would also use CMH in your flower room. You can get 2 400W for every one of the 1K setup.

Go vertical there also and surround your plants with light.


Pulling air from the larger part of the garage should work ok. You may not need the ac with the cooled lights. BTW: Check out cool tubes for the vertical bulbs. You can tape 2 together for an awesome 16" of white light.

Don't worry about CO2 until you have everything else dialed in. Maybe after 3-4 successful consistent harvests, then add CO2.


Have fun and be safe!

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Yes it was brought to my attention that I wont need that much light in the veg so I will look into that also. The origanal plan did not include the walls at points C & D and those two walls are not up as of yet. Origanally the rear room was to be the flower room and the front room with the entry door was to be for veg and flower. I thought of this current floor plan to make way for a curing closet but right now anything can happen. That is why Im asking questions before I go any further with construction.


Thank you very very much for all of your time everyone.




BTW: Im planing to go with aeroponic systems like the ones used by the Blue Water Compassion Center.

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