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How Cool Is That!?

Guest Medicinal Patient

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Guest Medicinal Patient

So check this out,

I have been with my new caregiver just long enough for our application to be approved and grow rights issued.

In this short amount of time I have been blessed with very generous donations of the cg own personal meds.


Some amazing person I met at the thanks to the 3MA not too long ago has truly blessed me. Almost a month ago I didn't know this person was about to walk in to my life. And here I sit tonight, less than a month later, feeling less pain, relaxed, and much restored faith in not just living my rough journey more comfortably but that this Law is worth fighting for and that truly compassionate people are out there doing so so good for this community and making a difference in peoples lives and in need. Me and my cg are what this program is all about.


I got to see my cg again, and a few hours later this evening I realized that I was given an 8th more meds than what the monthly offer is. Not to mention the other acts of just true genuine compassion with their kindness, friendship, wonderful monthly donations of meds, the samples, favors, paying cert mail fees, time, travel expenses, and the now growing costs. For me? Really? Whaat!?


Cg, your compassion, kindness, and going above and beyond has not gone unnoticed. I appreciate you so so much and your other half for supporting you becoming my cg. You are a Blessing to me and have changed my life.

My cg is an Angel everyone!! And if ya didn't think it could get any better, the meds are friggin awesome and have brought me such relief. :thumbsu:



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It is not often enough that we remember all the Blessings we have received during the course of a lifetime.

Seems so many go unnoticed, or left as a story untold. In this story of yours, I read of a Passion for Compassion, given with a genuine Kindness that comes only from a Loving Heart.

Yes, your CG is a Blessing, but then, so are You.

Your voice speaks of a wonderful kindness, and this CG has set a tall goal. You both make this world a better place. Thank You for sharing.

The 3MA's Light of Compassion shines brighter with every good deed.

My hat goes off to this CG, GOD BLESS YOU!


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