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Pregnancy And Thc!


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I have a question and I need some help. I have been trying to research this but I cannot find an answer that says for sure one way or the other.

I got pregnant in June 2010. I was a heavy smoker until i found out I was pregnant. as soon as I found out, i quite completely. I waited a while before I went to the OB thinking that would be enough time to clean out. I started going to the OB(Doctor) in August. I am on medicaid and every time I go to the doctor I am urine tested for sugar and other things as well as Drugs. Even though I quite completely and had not smoked in an entire month or so. I had been informed that I tested positive for thc. I was honest and told the Doctor that i had quite smoking after i found out i was pregnant and that I have not consumed ANY since! So the Doctor told me If i was a heavy smoker that I could test positive for up to 3 months and If I am exposed to alot of second hand smoke, there is a chance i could still test positive. So, i took another test and I continued to test positive.

The last time I tested positive was in September.

Since then, I have tested negative and have been fine.


I got pregnant in June and tested positive for thc until September. Since September I have tested negative. So, here is my question. I am about to give birth in a few days(they are going to induce me). I have been thc negative since September of 2010 until now, About 5 months. Will my baby be born thc positive. I know sometimes they check their blood, urine or stool. Is there a difference? Does thc stay in one longer than the other? Do i have anything to worry about. Will my baby be born thc free? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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they only test for substances when you getting state aid, and you quit, your good, and your gonna be a good mom because you quit when you found out you were pregnant, and something tells me you would have quit with or w/out this queston!

Good luck and look forward to hearing about your new family member!


I was weighing in at 278lb quite a few yrs ago, i put myself in treatment for everything i was abusing including gamling, drugs, sex, cigs, caffein,etc


It took well over 90 days for no thc to show up in my system, because i had a lot of fatty tissue and that is where it stays for a while, skinny folks can get that stuff out quiker than 30 days! Im willling to bet the farm you baby will be thc free! (HAD ALOT OF FAT NOW IM 175 LBS)



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I quit smoking on Dec 19th due to probation, as of feb 7th I was still testing positive for thc. Probation visits are a real scare thank god for the dillution method and knox gellatin or id be in the clink. I have another visit on the 10th of march I. Am hoping 80 days in I'm clean. I buy test kits the day before to cover my bases. Sucks being big. I am 6'5 285lbs. Best wishes to you.

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That's odd. At 6'2", ~275lbs, I could pass a urine test in two weeks when I was on probation. This was a few years ago, and I was in slightly better shape than I am now, but not much. I smoked heavily, and quit less than a month before my first urine test and passed that one, then smoked for two weeks and quit two weeks before my next apt. Just a little tid bit for you so you may realize how different everyones body handles such situations.

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