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Landrace Strains


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Quote: If we were discussing vegetables or another type of plant we'd be using the term "heirloom".


Absolutely NOT. Herilooms are the same as IBL's which are not landrace lines. Land race lines have not been tampered with by humans.


In Bred lines (IBL) are heirloom strains. They were collected originally from a land race strain then inbred buy using human selection. That means humans decide which plants are allowed to breed or which plants seeds are taken from etc.


Land Race lines pollinate freely amongst their own gene pool.

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You can order fron Fritz in Brazil. Brazilian seed company has some good land races.

Original Green

Manga Rosa

Golden Sativa

Brazilian Lemon(ask him on this one.......might be a cross of his)

Red Sativa

Brazilian Gold

Col. Gold

Amarelo (Yellow Bud)


Ask Fritz if he still has the Brazilian Khola. Nice landrace.




Wanted to try their Colombian Gold for years but it's always out of stock. Eventually a friend tried it and told me it wasn't the real deal.


You ever try 'em Indica?

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