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Has Our Government Learned From This Mistake?

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Imagine if cannabis was just discovered last week somewhere in the Amazon. It wouldn’t have all the negative baggage that builds up given 75 years of U.S. government propaganda. All that people would see would be the amazing benefits that the plant offers to mankind.


It would be kind of exciting each month to hear how another use for this miraculous new plant was just found. People everywhere would be talking about it.


Would the whole prohibition saga repeat itself once the DEA learned that people could use it to get high? Do you think things would develop differently this time? In other words, do you think we’ve learned at all from our mistake?

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To answer your last question first, no, government usually does not learn from it's mistakes. Learning is the exception. The longer I live the more I see this.

The good that would come out of your scenario is that it's medicinal qualities would have been scientifically established before anyone had the chance to abuse it. I would think that it would then be treated just like any other legitimate drug.

Perhaps one day sanity will prevail.

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