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Medical Marijuana Helps Fibromyalgia

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Thanks for the good post , one of my patients as well as myself have fybro in addition to other medical issues . I hear great white shark is a good strain from others who suffer from fybro . Any others know of good strains for this disorder ?

I hope this is not a stupid question. What kind of strain is Great White Shark? Sativa? Indica? Crossed with?


For my wife and I this truly is a medical issue.


I remember reading the word "fibromyalgia" for the first time back in 2001/02. It was in my chart notes after visiting with the Chief of Neurosurgery at U of M in Ann Arbor.


I thought HE was nuts because I was going thru some ungodly pain before my last neck operation. I couldn't look up, look down, was taking hot showers all day and night long.


I now understand that fibromyalgia is very real and very painful.


Days like today would simply be hard to tolerate without medical marijuana.



NOTE: Blueberry, my wife and I both thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



This type of weather is simply crippling to many of us. :notfair:






p.s. my wife and I both are very thankful to have our medical marijuana law and we will do everything we can in order to keep it!

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My wife has fibro. I have Sjogren's Syndrome. Both seem to be related to an immune system disorder and have very similar symptoms. Also both seems that only 10% of the suffers are men. I have found it interesting that long time couples seem to end up both coming down with this disorder. I believe that some day science will discover it is viral or bacterial related.


I am 51 and have had attacks where I can't get up from a seated position or out of bed without help. The vasculitis has permanently stained a large spot on one leg red from the blood coming to the surface.

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It should be noted that the CBN content of any strain is nearly entirely dependent upon the time of harvest.


CBN is what happens when THC degrades. This can be observed by the color of the tricombs. More amber, more CBN.


When things oxidize, they tend to take on a red or brown color. This is the case with THC. As the THC degrades into CBN it takes on the brown color.

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I just to give a shout out to our fearless leader Blueberry.


Thanks for helping my wife and I.


Without your assistance, I don't know how I could deal with this weather as the neck pain is continually escalating down the shoulders, upper back, down both arms and into the fingers.


I would like to take a bath in Peanutbutter's Oil!




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