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Diy Low Cost Grow Box 4X4X8 Under $125.00


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In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.

- Flora Edwards



Great first grow box and or this could also be built and packaged by community groups like CC's and made available to patients who can't afford even something as cheap as this.


If you check the 'Habitat For Humanity Restores' for building for grow room supplies you'll be surprised what you can find for next to nothing in cost,


I've seen 2x4 for .75 and 4x8x5/8 drywall for $10.00 a sheet in the Mt.Clemens store. Duct booster fans for a couple bucks there used but work they even have the HID light or fixture sometimes but according to the staff there lighting doesn't stick around.


In the title its build it for under $100.00 but I included an extra link for building low cost light traps because as you'll see in the video there needed, and that will bump up price a little.


To Your Good health




(I didn't choose the music)









Light Trap w/Air Intake or Exhaust



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