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Power Of Attorney Signed Mmj Recommendation For Patient

MMJ Intern

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My parent, who has Alzheimers, received their MMJ recommendation today. During the visit, I had to sign their recommendation paperwork because they are unable to do so. Their physician said it was find but just in case I put / POA - {my printed name} after their signature. In addition to being their medical & finacial POA, I now will also be my parent's caregiver.


My question is:

What additional paperwork other then the paperwork on the checklist should I submit with the application?


I was thinking a copy of the Medical POA should do but knowing that the MDCH can be a tad finicky at times, I might have a snag. When POA was notarized 6 years ago, I was married and now I'm back to my maiden name on my driver's license. Should I include a copy of my birth certificate that has our names the same as on the application?


Thank you for any assistance :thumbsu:

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