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Saying Hello With A Question

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well I would like to say hello to everyone with the right mind set as myself that is here on the forum. I have been on a few sites, for the most part it's alot of ego trips and bad info. I'm hoping to find this to be my "new home" and learn a few things. I was in a car wreak about five years ago and have spine trama, nerve damage and a few other problems. I was taking 11 kinds of meds a day at one point and my body was shutting down so to speak. I was given a heavy indica and less then two weeks later I was my own caregiver thanks to the good people at the thcf. I now only take three meds a day and my medical has given my life back ten fold! That about covers my story in a nut shell and I would love to ask a question..


I have been looking for michigan state law on what defines a grow room. I have my room, lock and key but very little room to work in once veg is in full swing. I want to build a room BUT what are the laws ect so I know my rights and limits of what I can and can't do?? I just know it must have a lock and no other way in then the door.


Thanks in advance

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Welcome againstpfizer. There are so many threads on this forum that explain how to try to always stay safe and legal. This is the number one thing you must always do, and then realize you may still have to face various issues that other segments of "legal: society does not have to face.

Please read the law and all the threads that explain this much better than I. I am sure there is a link right on the home page that goes to the law.

Good luck!remember.jpg

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