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Interview With Senator Nofs

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I am putting together a film on the Medical Marihuana Act "Our Vote Counts?". I have just secured an interview with Republican Senator Nofs on Friday. I know the questions I want to ask, but I would love input from other patient and caregivers on what they would like to ask. Please let me know. Also I just want to remind everybody that my state production tour will start on March 26th and I will be traveling the whole state, UP included. If you want to do a testimonial or interview let me know. I will be posting the cities and dates again soon. I am really in need for up north people to. I am selling pre sale DVD's that will come with a sticker for the film. If you would be interested in pre order let me know or if you would just like to make a donation to support the trip hit me up.




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Interview with Senator Nofs went real good. He surprised me with his stance on MMJ. He also stated on camera in the interview that Wal-Mart and the courts were wrong in their decisions to fire and uphold that firing of there employee. You can see the interview in my film "Our Vote Counts?" due out in August 2011. Another reminder, it is only a couple of weeks away from my week long tour of the state for interviews and testimonials. If you would be interested in getting your voice heard get in touch with me. The week of production is from March 26th to April 2nd.

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Thanks for your work. Getting a list of the Compassion Clubs in the areas where you will be might be a good idea for finding interviews if you're unable to find others.


You have gotten gold on camera if you got such a statement from a politician.


And the good Senator Nofs should be thanked by all of us for his stance on MMJ.


That took guts on his part.


Thanks again, and good luck.

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Hey there just wanted to let ya know to stop at Petoskey . I am friends with Rich Neil . Petoskey stoned . His case needs to be documented as he is one of the first that will be suing for unjust raids ....



And the question I would like asked is why do the people in congress feel the need to use there own personal morals against something society has deemed safe and legal ........

EXCELLENT QUESTION! I would ask, why do politicians feel the need to use there own personal morals against something society has deemed safe and legal?



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i just seen this thread, man wish i would of seen it a few weeks ago.

I have a hundred Sound and Though inducing questions, i can make them up on the fly. lol



Glad to hear things went well. Im very interested in your project and would be great to speak with you if the chance arose. off cam at first... but then on.

hit me up at some time. In in Midland, but i work thru the entire state basically.

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