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Im Looking For Clones In The Port Huron Area


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i travel to port huron 2x a month.. you can check our site i have a bunch that are rooted and ready now.


lost most control of my fingers, body, have constant spasms & tremors (post-polio) now throat Cancer ,so pleaqe bear with me, it hurts like hell 2 type or move(but i ain't dead yet doggitt!)



i'd like 2 know too. my wife, mom and others have tried all plants are very skiny then keel over and die. We've tried 4 years.

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You might also want a consultation, a home visit. I do that.


I also do P2P which will help you get meds until your grow comes in. I help patients become self-sufficent - you are doing the best thing, growing for yourself. P2P is patient to patient transfers - this is how you can get meds and clones from other patients.


I live off 23 mile and 94, and run to port huron myself. No clones at the moment, but meds avail.


check out the digital nomad at www.thc4u.com for my references..



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