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Lost Contact With Patient

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I have never been dropped so correct me if i'm wrong, but I believe that you will get a letter if they drop you as caregiver. Until you get that letter I don't see why you would need to chop down any plants. Your patient might resurface looking for meds. If not, his meds will just need to get donated elsewhere.

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I've been curious about this as well. I have a patient that is too far to just "check-in" on, yet he is not answering calls, texts, or the like. Unfortunately, he has dementia, and had 47 tumors removed from his neck the last time i saw him. I worry that he may have passed, or traded me in for someone closer...

I have no plants for him, but because of the lack of communication i'm inclined to look for a new patient. Will that patient automatically be denied if i'm still listed as the caregiver of the missing patient? And as metioned earlier, how do you remove one?

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