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Hello Mmma, Patients And Caregivers

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Hello, Glad to be a new member of MMMA. My wife and I are both legal caregivers and patients. We are located in Detroit Metro Area and deliver to legal patients in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne county area.


Note to Moderator: I became a member of MMMA some time ago but after registerring I did not get confirmation email and then could not login and after trying many times I finally got problem resolved I can now login and post. However, I never did get that confirmation email or response from MMMA after reporting my problem. Nevertheless, I'm in and glad to be able to use this site.... Perhaps the Moderator could test my email that is in my profile by sending me a test message from an MMMA mail account? I do not have any antispam software running or blocking any email, so that has not been the problem.

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welcome to the site... glad to see you here and sorry for the email snafu it happens... anyway glad your here nice to see like mind folks joining and helping others out... please feel free to ask anything in the forums as there is a lot of good people here and im sure we will find the answer that will help...

good luck and enjoy the site...




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