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Waiting To Inhale

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Description: Waiting to Inhale examines the heated debate surrounding marijuana and its use as medicine in the United States. As patients demand laws to protect their right to use medical marijuana, opponents claim their argument is just a smokescreen for a different agenda— to legalize the drug altogether. How did America go from Reefer Madness mania to permitting the first clinical trials using smoked cannabis in decades? And what evidence is there that marijuana can alleviate the devastating symptoms of AIDS, cancer and multiple sclerosis? Waiting to Inhale takes the viewer from underground pot clubs to the U. S. Supreme Court; from an Israeli scientist’s laboratory to massive government approved marijuana gardens outside London. The film goes inside the lives of patients who have been forever changed by illness—and parents who have lost children to drug overdoses and believe marijuana is the culprit. Above all, Waiting to Inhale sheds new light on the controversy and presents shocking new evidence that marijuana could hold a big stake in the future of medicine.


Watch this , if you haven't already... My link PS...It is on Hulu, so it is a safe link.

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