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5Gallon Bucket Grow


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i have the whole setup

1.black 5gallon bucket with netpot holes drilled

2.dual air water pump

3.aqua tube for the air-lines

4.bag hydroton

5.general hydroponics hydrogro/hydro bloom nutes only use 4tsp of each


7.thats the whole set-up im thinking of saleing it all as 1 i justcant seem to figure out how to do it i have read the bubble grow blueprint i guess im just not smart enough to figure it all out open to trd equi[met for equpiment or trd equipment for other supplies we can figure out a bargain

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well im not sure what to start plants in not sure how much gronbloom nutes to use i put 4tsp in about 4gallons of water in the bucket/also dont have ph tester not sure about alot of the bucket process need sum help i have no good strains either just seeds from mids

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For sure. I have moved from ebb & flow to the DWC. I have followed bubblegrowers posts, tutorials, and have received help directly from him. Once you get it down, it's a great system. I have now started using the Lucas formula as well, and the results are incredible. You'll find that it gets much easier.


Don't give up!

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