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Need To Know If I Qualify

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A little less than a year ago I was brought into the hospital for having burning chest pains. I was told after having 1/2 dozen test that i have peptic ulcers, and that my gull bladder had more or less shut down and is only working at 13%. Now for the past year i have been on acid medication and my doctor told me tylenol was to be takin as needed for pain or discomfort. my question is would the stomuch cramping and pain and sometimes severe nausea be a candidate for med. marijuana to ease some of the discomforts.


Ty to all who respond


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I think you will qualify. I got approved for pain due to my use of asthma meds causing severe and chronic headaches I had plenty of medical records. I was told at the place I went to that I would have gotten approved also due to my acid reflux problems that cause stomach pain and nausea but my main concern was the asthma which is pretty much under control with the use of cannabis 3-4 times weekly. So you will most likely qualify. Good luck I went to the clinic in southfield very nice place

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