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*renewals* How Late Is Too Late?

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I heard that you can get a quick renewal or end up having it take 4 months again. My Card expires on May 5th 2011. If the MDCH recieves my renewal app before that date will I be OK? What is the time frame to have renewals in before they go to the "end of the line"....


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If you haven't received your renewal application from the state, or don't receive it in the next 5 days, fill out the renewal form and send it! Here's their rule about expiration: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mdch/Medical_Marihuana_Renewal_Information_2-10_311724_7.pdf

They are supposed to send it 60 days prior to expiration. Here is the renewal form:


Do not wait for them. That's putting too much trust in a government system.

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sent mine in .. this november and just received it yesterday.... last year it only took 2 months for a renewal..... the state honors your expired license for 2 weeks after it has expired as long as you have made an appointment for renewal at a doctor office..if you have your old card and they cashed your money order though you are good till you receive your new license

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I sent mine in about two months earily ....


I ended up not having a Valid Card for over almost 2 months....


It SUCKS ....


No Matter How Hard You try to Follow the Law ...


and try to Protect Yourself ....


You still end up at Risk ....



sent mine in late early oct,1 1/2 months before expiration, got my packet from state next day,,,,to late....stll took about 4 months for my card to get here, and as soon as it did i sent in cg form so im actualy waiting the 4th time in 2 yrs,,,im used to it now!! I get arressted with or w/o the card most times lol phaqem



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