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Can I Still Become A Caregiver ?


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Is any one here know a caregiver who has a past felony for growing marijauana ?

I seen that you can NOT become a caregiver for a previous illegal drug felony convictions,

does that Include a growing marijauana felony conviction too ? from 11-12 years ago ?


Im wondering if I can pursue becomming a caregiver or if mabey I can have my felony expunged and then try it ?


If anyone has any info on this please respond... thankyou so much


By the way this is my first post :)

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By the way this is my first post :)

Then let me be the first to welcome you!

Under current law, no, you can not be a caregiver. That does not mean you never can be.

Removing you conviction is not something that I can answer. Some that respond may be able to steer you in the right direction to accomplish that.

Again, welcome to the site, and please take advantage of all the information available, and the good people who will help you find it.

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In Michigan, NFW according to the law. Too bad, there's no 7 year forgiveness (or 17 or 27 year forebearance) as with some employers or public sector jobs. I think the law follows the prescription drug industry, where any drug felony of any kind ever is a bar forever against being a pharm tech or pharmacist or MD with right to prescribe. But lots of other good to be done in mmj other than caregiving; (just cannot legally mess with 60 or 72 plants), or legally with more than your 12 (if you happen to be a patient).

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I have a manufacturing marijuana felony, just one, had a small, one light grow opp.

never sold it. I also got a misdemeanor for possession on the same case.

I have a card to smoke but not to grow or posses plants. I have a back problem

from many years ago, pot helps a lot.


Thanks for everyone Welcoming me, very cool! I apprichate it


Peace n Buds




How many conviction of ANY crime do you have on your record?

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Im going to look into it further, to have my felony expunged because by law you can have 1 felony expunged from your record in a life time,

and that is the only one I have. It may not make any sense to try, but then again it might!

The marijuana laws have been terrible over the years in my opinion. I seem to agree the new laws for marijuana are similar to the

pharmaceutical laws. If you have priors you can not become a pharmaceutical person. Marijuana is different though. Why

should I continue to be punished for that, all these years later ? thats just crazy I think. I mean I paid my debt, I was the only victum in my case.


Anyways. Thanks for all the responses! I like this site!




Yes, it absolutely matters. You can get ONE conviction expunged. More than that and you are out of luck. So, yes, it matters.

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I'm in a similar boat to the original poster. I would like to add two things that I've discovered in my research, that may be helpful for future readers.

1) Michigan  is currently working on legislation to include a "one bad night " exception to expungements . Basically meaning even if you had multiple felonies from the same instance you may qualify to have both expunged.


2) Now that recreational exist You may qualify for a cannabis micro-business license. As marijuana specific drug charges do not disqualify you for being eligible. 

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