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[TUTORIAL] Building your own Carbon Filter


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Submitted By: DmanSubmitted On: Today, 09:27 AMSubmitted In: Grow Room Tricks and Tips:Click here to go to tutorial


I have had many people ask for me to post this. Constructive criticism is welcome on all fronts but please be kind. I always improve 2nd time around. Next project is a wall mount filter. It's going to free up very available space on the floor.


RECIRULATEING CARBON FILTER For under $50 Not including Fan! lol


Posted Image


Items Needed

In-line Fan 8" or 6"

1/4" Chicken Wire

1/16" Vinyl Screen (window screen)

1 - Circle duck work transition 8" or 6"

1 - 5 gal pail

30 lbs Carbon Shards / Pellets

Duck Tape

1/8" or Thick Zip Ties

1/2 “Batting (Jo Ann Fabric’s)



Step 1 The Cage basket!


Posted Image


Make a round shape about 10.5 inch's in diameter out of the 1/4" Chicken wire that "fits" in the 5 gal pail make sure only 2 " to 3 " slide in the opening. The key here is to taper the top of the cage so that it fits in the top of the 5 gal pail easily. It can be wider at the bottom to hold the weight and smaller at the top to slide into the 5 gal pail. Once you get the round part sized right use Zip ties and thread the Chicken wire like you would sewing cloth. This will hold it together so you can work with it.


Posted Image


Once you sew it all the way. You can cut the top. Place more chicken wire on the top of the rounded cage and cut along the circumference to form a basket. Fold about 1.5" of the rim down so the top piece will be flush when sitting on it. You can cut every 5-8 inches like a pie so when you bend the rim over it sits flat.


Posted Image


The Top of the cage is 1/4" Chicken Wire that is cut in a round circle. No finesse here just cut it over sized and weaves it with the zip ties just like you did the side of the cage with Zip ties. Then you can cut off the extra. This will make a Basket that fits in side the 5 gal pail with a open bottom.


This completes the basket.



Step 2 The 5 gal pail!


Now which in -line fan does the budget require? 8" is the best but 6" will do the job.. What extra equipment do you have that will work? Power is king. The more Cycles per Minute through the system will have a better chance of cleaning the air. I have an 8" in-line wind tunnel that needed a home. I cut an 8.5" circle in the bottom of the 5 Gal pail. Make sure which ever in- line fan fits the bottom of the 5 gal pail size the hole properly. I bought an 8" transition round duck work from Home depot and traced it on the bottom of the 5 gal pail. I used a Jig saw to cut the hole.


Posted Image


Then use duck tape to tape the duck work rim so that it makes a seal to the 5 gal pail. This is only form fitting. Also you can drill a 1/4" hole in the rim of the 5 gal pail to hold the basket in place. 4 holes should be plenty. Stager them and fish a Zip tie in each hole so you can fasten the basket to the 5 gal pail.


Step 3 The batting!



Cut an 11" round circle of batting. Insert it into the bottom of the 5 gal pail so it lays flat on top of the chicken wire. Cut and form the batting so the it fits the bottom chicken wire 10" by 40" and tape it tight. This is just to keep any loose carbon from falling out


Step 4 The Carbon!


Take the vinyl screen and line the inside of the 5 gal pail. Add 20-30 lbs of carbon. Tie the Vinyl screen down with a zip tie or tuck it underneath.


Posted Image


Step 5 Add the Duct!


Push in the duck work into the bottom of the 5 gal pail. If there are gaps from the jig saw cutting add more Duct tape to seal the hole.


Step 6 Fan Baby!


Set the fan on top of the Duck work. Make sure you pull air through the 5 gal pail. DO NOT PUSH AIR THROUGH! It should just rest on top for easy access to the carbon.

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It is funny DMan, but D Mark is a company in Chesterfield Twp? (22 mile and Gratiot) that sells a cubic foot of it. One of them was not quite enough, so I bought 2 of them and put 1 and 3/4'ths of them to the top of my filter, which is pretty tall. Thanks Dman, it really helps quite a bit.

I also wonder if the constant carbon filtering the room might be beneficial to plant growth, anyone?

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What was nice about this build we seen a Patient retrofit a blower motor and squirrel cage from a forced air furnace, She picked it up at a Habitat For Humanity restore for $20.00. Made for constant use by DAYTON with a CFM rating of 1860 Her boyfriend had it wired into rheostat for better control.

Innovation is the hall mark and drives the medical cannabis community...

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