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Free To A Good Home An Ez Cloner

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I am getting out of this business I am giving a 120 site ez cloner only to a good home. I will need to know your background before I give it away. At not cost to you.


I would like to put in a request for the cloner. I can even budget $50 for you. I wish I had more! Let me know if still available and sorry to hear you are getting out of the business.



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How many times are you going to give this unit away ? I have seen this reposted over and over . BEWARE this post is bunk and seems to be a scam .................. Or even worse . I NEED YOUR BACKGROUND ! WTF you dont need my background and wont ever have it !





Thinking the same thing.


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Hi. If you haven't given the cloner away yet, I would love to have it. I am a single mom on disability. 6 years ago I had a car accident and from that I have 8 herniated discs, impinged nerves, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, traumatic brain injury, migraines, tremors, etc. I am planning to begin growing my own meds this week using my tax return money. I sure could use the cloner! Thanks for your time. I think it's awesome you're giving it away.

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