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Hooking A Macbook Pro To A Samsung Sp-M250S Xga Lcd Projector

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So I used a converter to change the firewire 400 port (I think thats what it is) to an HDMI signal. Then used an HDMI to HDMI cord to hook the computer to the projector, but I am unable to hook the projector to my sound system via AUX. I can hook the computer to the sound system no problem but for some reason the projector isn't outputting sound to the sound system. Anyone have any ideas?

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Hmmm I think you mean dvi to hdmi. Either way your only putting out a video signal on that hdmi so I would just hook the sound directly to the computer. Unless you wanted to go out from the mac and in the projector then back out of the projector. But, I don't know why you would want to do that. Hope that helps.

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