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Are Dispensary Days Numbered?

Do we need dispensaries in Michigan?  

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  1. 1. Do patients need dispensaries to ensure they have an uninterrupted supply of medicine?

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and by air everything would be illegal since anything to do with planes is federal.



Yes it is Federally illegal, but people have been flying with their meds, even taking clones as carry on into & out of Michigan for a while now. Call TSA at both airports prior, and make sure you're leaving and entering into a MM state. Their stand apparently is it is up to the local police where you are flying out of, and into. If TSA finds it, they have to report it, but to the local leos. I have known a few travelers who called ahead to the local leo depts, said they were wanting to bring in their meds since the state would not allow them to visit dispensaries due to not having reciprocity with cards, the minority of these dept's take the "leave your meds at home" stand.

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I think the Feds are coming after the dispensaries because they are usurping the will of the people. As bad as the Feds hate marijuana, they hate people not directly defined in the law seizing the political process and bending the law to their advantage.


I think the Frauds are coming after the dispensaries because they are usurping the will of those that favor Federal/State distribution of medical cannabis.

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Finally, the MACC has terrorized us for months. So until I confirm that the MACC is disengaged from the political process. All of their leadership denounces any change to our law and apologize for what they have done, we will aggressively pursue a state wide model that will make dispensaries obsolete. We have already started this process. It will take some immediate progress on the dispensary front to stop the MMMA from implementing a solution. Thanks, Bb




just curious but isn't it possible to separate the MACC from dispensaries?

i mean could we not support a dispensary type model that has "all of the above" but without the MACC?

there is a need, desire, and market for dispensaries. enough people want them, use them and like them because they are not only surviving, but are flourishing in many places.

a post above makes an excellent point about obtaining meds "on the spot"

if i had a disaster today, a fire lets say god forbid.... and i lost my home. then where would i go this afternoon for my meds, and my patients who are relying on me? i have many friends who are caregivers, but none of them keep a "stock" ...much like me, we have to abide by the law and get rid of the meds as soon as they are cured so we don't create overages. there is no such thing as a overage. u must stay below the limits.

could we not have a compassion club modle with a locker type system dispensary? is this not being called a dispensary? do you support the club that has it? can a solution be found that allows all patients to flourish, not just the ones who want to get to know a caregiver? or people at a club?

i know several business owners that are patieents but whom won't tell anyone. won't go to a market or expose them selfs in any way. shouldn't they be allowed to go to a dispensary and benefit? i know many more who would if the social stigmata was removed and it was publicly acceptable.

seems like battling over dispensaries yea or nay is a waste of time. how about we battle the misinformation about the benefits, the patients, and the little or no harm that results from the "choice of use"

and we attack any that attack our law as written.


oh and that means we battle MACC up front until they surrender their monopoly motives and learn to play nice with others.


monopolies are illegal on every front. theres even a special set of rules that prohibit them.

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