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'lil Sprout To Green Giant?

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ya those are Stipule, not pistils. i was premature anticipating. lol


heres a few pics from around 8 tonight. have 2 new seedlings going great also. A DP WW, and a 10ish yr old EP (Early Pearl) seed I had stashed) well see how they do.

heres the CG Sprout.



close growth happening.




and the new sprouts


EP on the Left and DP WW on the right




these new sprouts will go to a 5in pot this weekend as well.

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newest sprouts are doing well. will likely get moved to 5 in pots next week.


today was the culling. took 2 cuts off of Sprout. they ll root, then veg for a month or so, then move to the bloom room to finish up and get some results. one will be for personal testing, and one will be to send out for genetic and tch testing, and any other testing needing to be done.

heres a pic during the culling process.






more next weekend.

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looking good. might want to look up the definition of culling. what you did was cloning or taking a cutting. culling would be what you would do to it if it was a male you had no use for.

also if you would have topped two weeks ago you'd have been able to take 6 clones of pretty good size from it. I started a new seed the same time as you and have been watching your progress to compare too. just took six from it and could of gotten two more. however yours is a little more healthy looking, i'm under a cfl @ 30wtts.

pretty cool that it's a 20 Y/O seed and it's still got some go juice! best of luck with it and I hope it's a she.

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by culling, i was refering to the definition as "Gathering" or to take from.... bascially. not mmj specific culling, but more like the Wraith Cullings on SG Atlantis. lol


not to split hairs but its closer to 30. heh. a true event in my opinion. lol



i only took to for testing purposes, im just not sure of the genetics yet, i still have plenty of time to top as it ll be in veg for a while yet.

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i did i did. lol


anyways, its been a few, time to update.


Hempy, Shes a doing great. Yup, its a Girl for sure.


took 2 cuts 5 weeks ago to root. one made it one didnt. 2 weeks ago tomorrow, i took 2 more cuts, and put the one good one in bloom. Hempy is bout 28 inches tall. first cut in bloom is now about 15 inches tall, and was maybe 6 inches tall when she went into bloom 2 weeks ago.


2 new cuts are doing well, and appear to be nicely rooted. now for a few weeks of veg then off to bloom they go. these are the last two cuts im taking until i can grow them up and get it tested. guess we'll see. in the meantime, may just take cuts and grow them out for personal use, if i like what i get from the first one. and by testing i mean lab testing, not just me and a pair of scissors and a one hitter testing. lol it ll be done right, or not at all.


anyways enough flip flap, onto the pics


girly parts, (ouu la la - stop staring at my girlies parts you pervs) lol






and Sprout as she was yesterday, about 26 inches tall or so.



and a pic of the other few in the veg. far back is small big buds then on the rear right is the Early Pearl. infront of that is the DP WW and off to its right in front is a durbin clone (same as the 2 girls about to finish up in my bloom room).



pic if the 1st cut in bloom at 2 weeks tomorrow. the back 2 are big buds also in 2 weeks tomorrow.


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