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Need Some Help

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Alright, so the address on my ID and where I live are different, and are different than when I registered to get my card. But mail from the state regarding my card won't be forwarded to me, and I can't pick it up from the place it is being sent to. So my actual plastic card was probably already mailed to me, but was most likely returned to sender, or thrown away, who knows, ex-girlfriends can be poopy sometimes.


Long story short I need to change the address that they have on file for me and get a new card sent. I'm not exactly sure how to go about it, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you





edit: I know the process for if you lose your card, and the change form on the michigan.gov site. If you make a change on the change for do the send you a brand new card or should I just do both and send them $20 just to be sure lol



EDIT: i guess all i need to know now is if i fill out the change of address form, will they send me a new card

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The change form is the correct form you will need in this instance.. Just do a change of address and you will be sent your new card at your new address.. just send 10 bucks in with the change form.. Gl and sorry for your new long wait..

Blessings to all mm patients and caregivers...

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