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Caregiver Applicant Question


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The wife has her application signed ready to send in. I will be her designated caregiver, I am not and will not be a patient (no illness). I also have a relative who has asked me to be a caregiver, He will be applying soon. Both qualify under the illness's listed in the law......Couple questions


It appears that there is no fee to the state for the caregiver card, Is that correct?


Will it be a problem if the second applicant applies with Me as a caregiver before the first applicant is approved?


You guys are great, I have been reading for a long time and the volume of info is incredible, As well as the helpfulness of the member's. I am a pretty accomplished gardener, But the indoor stuff is going to be new. I have a bunch of question rattling around in my head, But that will come later. Thanks in advance for everything.

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