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Hi Everyone, I Joined Mmma Yesterday

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Hi everyone,

I'm so happy to find this site! I joined yesterday & spent a long time just surfing around here, learning my way around a little. There are so many forums here, it's just awesome!

A little about myself: I"ve lived in MI my whole life, mostly living in a rural area. I have multiple medical problems mostly stemming from one big Autoimmune disease. My hubby also has one bad Autoimmune dissease. I'm still waiting for my card and it should be anytime, judging by the thread on when people are getting their cards. I sent my paperwork in the end of Dec. 2010.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you folks - I feel right at home here. I am so proud to be living in the time when MMJ finally got legal in MI and my small part in voting it in felt so good. Praying for it to become legal everywhere, and doing my small part to educate people. Happy to be here! Thanks everyone.

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welcome to the site and the friends you will meet here are all good folks... most everyone here can help with questions you may have all you need is ask and someone who has an answer will speak up... were all here for the same reason our health... enjoy the site and visit the chat room if you like instant talking theres a good group there... now your here have greats days with all of us too...



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