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Mike Bouchard

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So the last few months I've been going to bouchards page and leaving post about cannabis,war on drugs,medical marijuana things along that line.... There has been a few people here and there also adding jab's.


well folks it is taking off like wildfire :) I was just on his page and it's FULL of activists speaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please head over to his page and let him know we WILL NOT STAND FOR HIS B.S.!




copy/paste if you cant think of anything to say,


Dear Mr. Mike Bouchard

Why are we still arresting legal Medical Marijuana Patients in Michigan Mr. Bouchard? Do we not have bigger criminals to catch? Do we not have an outstanding problem with other drugs, and other criminal activity that are far worse than Marijuana? We patients do not need to fear incarceration, having our children ...taken away, losing our homes, having our lives ruined for something WE the people voted in! You stated that "This is Michigan, not a Cheech and Chong movie". Well Mr. Bouchard, this is Michigan, not the wild wild west, STOP ARRESTING AND HARASSING MICHIGAN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENTS!!!!!

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