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What Strain?


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is it safer to go out of country or stay within for genetic diversity this being my medication this is very important.

with my experience from buying and supporting whatever there called local stores/dispensaries etc. the selection was what it was. because genetics make the potential for a good product in addition to factors which are so prevalent that a suggestion or two from the old timers would like to keep names out as they tend to introduce bias country of origin is the better indicator for my grow. like the productive indicas in mountainous regions of india pakistan warring areas etc. and then equatorial areas


what is important is 3 indica backbone tasty clones.

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If you have a strong sativa and a strong indica, you have many options with the medicine.


Smoke the sativa to get going in the morning.


Smoke a blend of the two in the afternoon.


Smoke the indica near bedtime.


Everybody is different. Good thing is now you can experiment legally.

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does any one on this board have access to ortega indica, whether seed stock or clone prefer seed, also would be nice to

see some original bubblegum, blueberry genetics, or very deep kush heavily dominant strains

Tricloud has a strain called Apollolicious it is a cross of original bubblegum X Apollo He has this and a few other very nice strains available to M.M. patients.

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