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Patients Helping Caregivers

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Most of us Patients and Caregivers are low income and survive on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay high electric bills for running a garden. A lot of caregivers are out of work but doing the right thing by helping a patient(s) and in some cases bringing in a little extra income to help their families.


The situation I was introduced today is a win win for all parties concerned.


A patient looking for a caregiver found a man and wife who were looking to take on their first patient and they got together to work out the details. During their meeting the wife mentioned they wanted to rent out the basement apartment and after discussing that the patient is renting the basement and her rent is paying the electric bill.


Its costing her half as much as the place she lived before, its safe, she has money at end of the month, and she knows who and how her medication is being grown, the caregivers have their patient and rented out their basement.


I like this arrangement and I'm sure they are many out there who could or would like to have same. Its helps everyone involved and thats a good thing.

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