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Tips Of Leaves Turning Brown


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HI all... I Am a new member to this site. I am also new to growing just getting started. I have a plant that is 30 days into veg and the very tips of the leaves are turning brown. The temp is 72 I was using a flourecent but just switched to a 400 watt, since the turning of leaves. Any suggestions?

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Welcome " WHITETAILED " to MMMA 2.0


Most of my tips get a little brown ....


especially after misting the plants in veg ...


under a 400 watter w/out proper air flow

would turn the tips brown ....


Would need pictures and more information ....


At this point it would be a guess ....

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Brown, burnt tips is a sign of over fertilization. I think plants will use less food if they are under less intense lights. Fluorescent lights are pretty weak. I draw outside air into my grow area and I only humidify or dehumidify under extreme conditions. The humidity runs at whatever the outside air is at. I do not seem to be having any issues. I have to water more frequently under low humidity conditions but that is all.

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