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Mmj Nullifies Ssdi !

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An acquaintance of mine who lives in Detroit reported that he had been told that his SSDI is at risk if he gets the MMJ card.


I told him that that info is confidential and the Feds should not be able to get it.


However, I promised to check to see what other info is out there.


Any thoughts ?


Many thanks,


dr. Jinx

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The Law clearly states all your protections, really suggest you go to Mi Gov and read it, simple law, and see for yourself should not be a problem.


Enjoy, Ezrah



That "clear" law is a STATE law. SSDI is a FEDERAL program. As has been suggested, don't tell the federalistas about your card and all should be fine.

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I just had my disof ingestionability hearing on Nov 16, during the hearing I told the judge openly about my choice we then talked about methods of ingestion, which I preferred then about the changes it made in my life. I was told before I left the room that it would be ( and was ) granted. I think like the other courts it all about the judge you get.

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