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Van Dussen V Mi Court Of Appeals - Regarding Filming Mmma Appeal On May 10

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Judges told to explain decision to ban filming - Traverse City Record Eagle 04-30-11


TC man seeking to record hearing on medical pot - http://record-eagle.com/local/x151576189/Judges-told-to-explain-decision-to-ban-filming (See attached associated documents)


TRAVERSE CITY — The Michigan Court of Appeals must explain why it won’t let a local man film a hearing in a medical marijuana case, the state’s highest court ruled.


The Michigan Supreme Court this week told the Court of Appeals to explain why it won’t allow Traverse City resident Eric VanDussen to film a May 10 oral argument hearing in Grand Rapids. The hearing is part of an ongoing medical marijuana case based in Kalamazoo.


VanDussen asked the Supreme Court to intervene after the Court of Appeals on April 14 denied his request to film the hearing. Such requests must be submitted ahead of time.


“The Court of Appeals gave no explanation whatsoever, they didn’t even try to provide a rationale for prohibiting it,” VanDussen said.


The Court of Appeals has until Monday to issue an order with an explanation for its decision, the Supreme Court ruled. The appeals judges who rejected the camera are Joel Hoekstra, Christopher Murray and Michael Kelly.


VanDussen, formerly of Benzie County, is a familiar face in local court systems. He’s covered multiple cases as a freelance journalist, and he successfully sued Benzie County a few years ago for violations of the Freedom of Information and Open Meetings acts.


He’s particularly interested in legal cases involving Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act, approved in 2008, and wants to help the public keep up on legal cases tied to the act. The public has a right to know what’s going on with the case, he said, considering widespread public interest in the topic.


“It’s a huge deal, and for them to say that the only people that can view the oral arguments are the ones that show up to (the hearing) ... I think that’s pretty egregious,” VanDussen said.

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Appeals court rejects video recording in pot case - April 20, 2011 - http://www.theoaklandpress.com/articles/2011/04/20/news/cops_and_courts/doc4daea1e471365626368550.txt


LANSING (AP) — The Michigan Supreme Court has been asked to intervene in a request to record video of arguments at the state appeals court.


Eric VanDussen of Traverse City says a three-judge panel at the appeals court turned him down with no explanation. He wants to film arguments on May 12 in a medical-marijuana case. He struck out in another marijuana case last November.


VanDussen says the public needs to know what’s happening at the appeals court. Arguments at the Michigan Supreme Court are regularly broadcast on a government TV channel.


Michigan judges have discretion to control cameras in court, but Justice Stephen Markman has said it’s time to revisit the rule. The judges who rejected VanDussen’s request are Joel Hoekstra, Christopher Murray and Michael Kelly.

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What's going on in the courts, "surely, surely won't stand the light of day"




"Turn, turn any corner.

Hear, you must hear what the people say.

You know there's something that's goin' on around here,

The surely, surely, surely won't stand the light of day.

And it appears to be a long,

Appears to be a long,

Appears to be a long

Time, yes, a long, long, long ,long time before the dawn."----David Crosby---Long Time Gone

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Guest Medicinal Patient

Thank you for all you do Eric. You show such professionalism in all you do. Thank you for bringing effective awareness to the injustices happening in our court rooms. I am in Grand Rapids and am interested in which case is being heard and has anyone requested supporters yet for this date. Is this one of the cases where med mj isn't allowed to be mentioned in court? Someone get some 3MA shirts out this way. They will know why we are there. :sword:

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Wonder if the Supreme Court Could have the Appeals Court hear my argument again and have the media there to capture the moment on film for all to see. Seems my day in court was tainted. Have to ask the ACLU on that one . Im just asking for equal justice

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Journalist allowed to video medical marijuana case - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42910442


Associated Press: May 5, 2011


The Michigan appeals court has changed course and will allow a freelance journalist to use a video camera during upcoming arguments in a medical-marijuana case.


The Michigan Supreme Court had ordered the appeals court to explain why Eric VanDussen's (Van-DOO'-zin's) request was turned down. A three-judge panel this week agreed to allow him to use a camera after he showed that he's an experienced freelance journalist based in northern Michigan.


The panel is hearing a medical-marijuana case in Grand Rapids next Tuesday. The appeal involves a Kalamazoo County man charged with manufacturing marijuana. The prosecutor says Ted Anderson had more pot than necessary under the medical-marijuana law.

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Shine on your Crazy Diamond!

Great work Eric! you are a true pioneer and proponant for the cause! and a great cause it is (speaking of making our goverments accountable and more transparent). wish more news reporters had the moral backbone and fortitude for Truth as you show.

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