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It's Now Or Never.

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It’s now or never: Delaware House medical marijuana vote next week!


Please call your representative to support S.B. 17.


Dear Supporter:


S.B. 17 passed the Senate on March 31 and a House committee on April 14. The full House will be voting on it next Thursday. Now is the time to work hard!


Will you help make history and call your representative today, urging support for S.B. 17, the most tightly crafted medical marijuana bill in the country? Also, if you have a personal relationship with another representative aside from your own, please also contact him or her.


Will you send this alert to at least 10 Delaware friends and loved ones, and encourage them to do the same? Will you post this alert (http://www.mpp.org/states/delaware/alerts/its-now-or-never-delaware.html) on Facebook, and invite your friends to action? Please also write your legislators.


Please also help me get in touch with seriously ill Delaware patients. The best way to pass this legislation is to get more of your fellow Delawareans involved! We are looking for patients with serious medical conditions and their loved ones, supportive medical professionals, and members of law enforcement and the clergy. Please search your personal contacts and reach out to these people, and ask them to email nmamber@mpp.org to learn more about how they can help.


Thanks for all you do!






Noah Mamber

Legislative Analyst

Marijuana Policy Project



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will change marijuana laws.


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